About American AC & Heating

About Us

The Valley’s Summers are famous for the misery they inflict on residents. What’s worse… air conditioners and HVAC systems almost seem to enjoy breaking down in the middle of the night, when your comfort is the most crucial, and when it’s the hardest to get them fixed. Our business is built on being there when you need us the most.
We are two generations of air conditioning and heating technicians. We know all the ins and outs of AC systems, ducts, thermostats and coils. We’re fluent in English & Spanish and can fix your AC so you don’t have to spend another night in the heat. The most beat-up HVAC system you can imagine is just another good project for us.

Why Choose American AC & Heating

We know your time is valuable. When we schedule you for an appointment, we won’t keep you waiting around for us to show up. We show up a bit early for our appointments and try our best to get the job done as soon as possible. We know you want your AC serviced, repair and blowing cold air right away!

Lots of people out there, working from their truck, claim to be “AC experts.” Yet they never seem to have the right tools or the right parts to get your AC working fast. We do. We have a huge warehouse full of parts, units and the right tools to make sure we can fix your AC right away.

Our award winning service has brought us to thousands of homes throughout the RGV over the last 50 years. We understand the importance of getting the job done right. We want to make your HVAC system running to the best of its ability. That service has made us the company Valley residents trust when they need AC work.

We stand by our work and our products. If your AC isn’t working properly after we fix it, we will come back (at no charge) and make sure it’s working! Most other “companies” will take the money and run. But you can only have a trusted name like American AC & Heating when stand by your service.

What We Do

We specialize in fixing your AC, right! We’ve worked with Air Conditioning units for over48 years, and our expert staff are trained and certified through our in house Training Academy to make sure they can tackle any task in front of them.
We work on AC Repair, AC Replacement, Heating Repair, Heating Installation and Air Quality.
We promise on time service, up-front, no risk pricing, friendly & courteous technicians, and professional work. Call us today, and see first-hand, our AC Specialist make your house cool again.
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